Uplevel 2021

Release, Refocus and Recover

September 17 (1 - 5PM PST) &

September 18 (9AM - 12:30PM PST)

Premier Virtual Healing INTENSIVE

Last year was a trial by fire and a test of will. But despite walking on coals and facing the chaos, one TRUTH is abundantly CLEAR: 


The last few months revealed just how strong and resilient you really are. 


Are you ready to uncover your hidden emotional  triggers and money blocks to achieve a new state of flow? 


Then receive further healing at UPLEVEL2021 on September 17-18 where Vienna and I will show you how you can achieve this business and personal clarity with proven emotional and spiritual practices to remove your money blocks and unlock your hidden potential. 

Vivian S. De Guzman, RPT, MBA

#1 Money Magnet Activator & Human MRI

“You are the designer of your destiny; you are the author of your story.” 

                                    -Lisa Nichols

To say you have been through a lot this year is an extreme understatement. As a business owner, you did what you had to do. Navigating this “new normal” to keep yourself and your business afloat was a dance of pivots and changing directions.


You dodged curveballs, jumped through hoops and endured every challenge presented in 2020. This was no easy task for anyone.  But you did it, because deep down you knew you could do anything you set your mind to.  

Now, you are a completely different person from who you were a year ago. Now, imagine the transformation that is in store for you in the coming months. All the ways you will embrace your true power as you step out onto the world’s stage. Envision all the GOOD that will happen from the things you build and the impact you will leave on this world for future generations. 


You are a force to be reckoned with. It is time you fully recognize this truth.


Reserve your spot for UPLEVEL2021 where I will help you with that.

“You are the heart and soul of your business. When you transform, your business does too."

What is UPLEVEL2021 and how can it help you?

UPLEVEL2021 is an exclusive virtual healing event where business owners like you will be able to heal your emotional triggers and money blocks to create CLARITY on your next steps in your personal and business life. Do you know your PROSPERITY KEY & what type of work you need to FOCUS on?  Very rarely will you find a workshop like this, where spiritual and emotional alignment are married together to help you spring into action and manifest the abundance you desire. 


Think of it as a wellness clinic for you and your business, where the time spent will be used to ensure the long-term well-being of you and your business. 


This event has a special format to adapt to the virtual learning experience:  to focus on the foundations of your business and well-being and then one day healing intensive to clear out any blocks in your way. It is extremely important to combine the Divine downloads using Oracle cards and the healing in order to maximize your time, accelerate results and create a nurturing environment. 


As a Business Intuitive and Money Magnet Activator, I have helped my clients to bring in more customers and more money in a short amount of time, without adding more work to their plate. In the span of my 29-year career, I have had a greater than 90% success rate in relieving my clients’ stress, anxiety and invisible money blocks so they can live a life without limits.


Vienna Dunham, Emotion Code practitioner has helped clients transition from overwhelm to clarity in relationships, and next steps in life and business.


Together we will help you raise your vibrations, provide clarity, and give you simple and effective strategies to transform yourself and your business QUICKLY. Topics covered will include clearing money blocks and trapped emotions at lightning-speed so that you can feel lighter and be certain of your next steps in life and in business. 

You will get what you need to help you and your business attract abundance and prosperity consistently. 


Come to UPLEVEL2021 to grow, expand and journey onward.  

“My oh my! She wasn't kidding when she says she is the money magnet . I have three big chunks of money come my way since and people just showing up in my life out of the blue seeking to pay me for my services! All I can say is, I believe in Vivian's magic healing talent and I feel in my gut that she cleared off the stale energy I may have had and I walked out a new woman.”

Didi Wong

Award-Winning International Speaker and TV Producer

Get CLEAR and FOCUSED to 3x your business

When major world events and personal circumstances stand to affect your family and your livelihood, challenges and hurdles are revealed. At this point, you have two choices: To give up or to keep going. 

When the pandemic hit, I had just come back from a business trip in Egypt and had to assess how the state of the world was going to affect my business and the life I worked consciously to create.  Inevitably, I decided I was not going to give up and keep going because I refused to believe that making money was suddenly harder and my dreams had to be put on hold.  

My team and I got to work to make sure we brought light forward instead of hiding in fear. We made sure my clients received the support they needed to energetically move through their barriers. My events and services were designed and edited to make sure we met my audience where they were at. During this time, I still made sure to clear myself energetically and do things that brought me joy and peace (such as going on morning hikes and doing yoga). 

Thanks to all our hard work and diligence, we beat the odds. During the pandemic, I made six-figures in one day. I know this is possible for you too.

Even now, despite the unpredictability of 2021, I still get to use my gifts to help business owners from all over the world to live a life of freedom and abundance.

All of this happened because I stayed calm and tapped into my resources so I could take care of myself and my business. As a result, I got CLEAR on how I want to live my life, DEFINED what abundance and success truly meant to me and TRUSTED in my abilities through connection to Divine Source to achieve what I was meant to do.

This is what I want for you. 

When you make the decision to be brave and to not give up, that is where you will discover your road to your success. Join me for UPLEVEL2021 so you can find the ferocity to keep going. 


Are you ready to move forward on  your path and endure whatever comes your way next? 

And do you know where you need to go and how to get there? 


If your answer is “no” or “kind of”, don’t worry about it. I got you covered. At UPLEVEL2021, you will be provided with resources to create a solid foundation to get you to consistent income and breaking six-figures. 


If your answer is “yes” but you feel a strong sense of doubt and resistance, that is a clear cut sign that you are dealing with a money or emotional blockUnless this block is addressed, it will continue to create invisible challenges and hurdles along your journey. This is something we can DEFINITELY help you with this. 


At UPLEVEL2021, we will make sure your emotional and spiritual game is on point and provide effective strategies to get you on your way to generating consistent income and breaking 6-figures.  


Register now to join me and Vienna on the first day and our TWI team on the second day to share our unique healing magic and our expertise with you and other business owners and piece everything together for our intensive on September 17 at 1 - 5 PM PST (emotional and spiritual healing included) + September 18 at 9 AM - 12:30 PM PST (business foundation and clarity) where we will help you to clear the path and show you what you need to do to create a soul-fulfilling business that will give you joy and energy with EASE, GRACE AND FLOW.


“Within one month of working with Vivian, I brought in half a million dollars in new business, found 5 new clients and even found a new mentor who opened up new ways for me to do business.”

Steven Kao, Financial Advisor

After UPLEVEL2021, You Will:

  • Be CLEAR on what you truly want and how to implement it into your business

  • Be able to identify distractions that are sabotaging your business goals

  • Know how to overcome overthinking, negativity and perfectionism​

  • Have a clear roadmap when it comes to making money with ease

What You Will Get:

  • A soul-aligned guidance on your next steps in life and in business. 

  • Simple tools to go from Effort to Ease, so you can relax and bring in more money

  • Knowledge and wisdom from industry experts in the following areas:

    • Money blocks and abundance
    • Releasing trapped emotions
  • An exercise and self-care regime to apply during and after the event. 

  • Soul-heart-mind-body alignment will help you achieve goals and dreams with ease and flow. ​

  • As a BONUS, I will show you how I use Energy Oracle Cards/Angel cards to guide you per month in business so you can stop guessing how to convert Divine messages in 5D to 3D (physical reality to manifestation). 

    Soul-heart-mind-body alignment will help you achieve goals and dreams with ease and flow.  

    Energy Oracle Cards/Angel Card deck + Yoga mat.

But don’t worry, we will definitely make sure you have your plan set before you leave UPLEVEL2021.

Are you ready for


UPLEVEL2021 is for you if:

  • You are ready to change at lightning speed and transform NOW!

  • You are willing to try something new

  • You believe it’s more than possible to build the life of your dreams

  • You are aiming to do whatever it takes to make more money and become more successful with ease and flow while staying congruent with your values. ​

UPLEVEL2021 is NOT for you if:

  • You do not like or accept change

  • You deny having emotional baggage and/or insist on holding onto it

  • You do not believe that you deserve success

  • You are not willing to change the course of your life

If you are ready to do the work, you are ready to come to UPLEVEL2021. Make sure you register and reserve your spot today!

Register for this VIRTUAL Spiritual Business Retreat and come out with an expanded version of you making money with more ease, certainty and confidence. 

Location & Dress Code

Dress code

Wear yoga pants/outfit for exercise. Dress as comfortably as you can so that you can lie down or sit up and participate with ease.


What To Bring

  • Energy Oracle Cards or Angel Card Deck
  • Yoga Mat



September 17, 2021

1:00-2:00PM: Yoga with Mindfulness Meditation to Embody Being Present


2:00-3:00: Emotion Code Release with Vienna


3:00-3:30: BREAK


3:30-4:30: Energy Healing Session with Vivian


4:30-5:00: Accessing Divine Guidance


September 18, 2021

9:00-9:30AM: AHA Moments


9:30-10:30: Your Business based on your Prosperity Key


10:30-11:00: Decide your Success and Happiness Index

11:00-11:15: BREAK


11:15-12:00: Are you Congruent and Aligned with your Marketing Message?

12:00-12:30: Opportunities 


"If UPLEVEL2021 is calling you, you are being called. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss."

Purchase Your Ticket

All tickets below include the following digital bonuses:

  • CLARIFY your TRUE NORTH video (this will help them Clarify their Values and what's truly important to them so that what activities they do in their business will be in alignment with their soul purpose)
  • How to GET RESULTS Efficiently (Practical tools to help with decision-making)
  • How to MAKE DECISIONS Effectively (Using Muscle Testing)
  • Get out of Procrastination Exercise MP3 (Stop Procrastinating and Start Doing)

***RECOMMENDATION: Review these at least one week prior to the actual event to jumpstart your success!

VIP Experience


One Day All-Access Pass 

Digital Bonuses (details above)

1:1 CLARITY SESSION with Vivian reading and clearing blockages in chakras and auras/energetic boundaries and how the business is affected by it PLUS.

1:1  Emotion Code session with Vienna 


General Admission


1 Online Ticket



If UPLEVEL2021 is calling to you,

you are being called.

This is an opportunity you

don’t want to miss.

Your 2021 Breakthrough!

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